Civil War Soldier

Gallery: Centuries of Change
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This section of Ohio: Centuries of Change is devoted to the daily life of Civil War soldiers.


Military equipment photograph

Military equipment photograph

Cabinet card photograph depicting the gear of James Burson, of the 104th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company K. Included in the picture are his rifle, knapsack, axe, tin cup and plate, canteen, knife, and fork. Notes on the photograph indicate item prices. The 104th O.V.I. was organized as a three-year regiment at Camp Massillon in Ohio, and was mustered into service on August 30, 1862. Their engagements included the Defense of Cincinnati, the East Tennessee Campaign, and the Atlanta Campaign, as well as the Franklin-Nashville Campaign, for which six men received the Medal of Honor. | Source: View File Details Page


Life of a Soldier

This set of cases in Ohio: Centuries of Change looks at the everyday items used by soldiers during the Civil War. View File Details Page

Personal Items

This display shows some of the personal items of great importance to Civil War soldiers, including a bayonet and hard tack. View File Details Page

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