Search: Veterans' & Beneficiaries' Burials

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Records cover burials of veterans and beneficiaries in Ohio's Federal Cemeteries through January 2018.

If a person was not buried in a federal cemetery in Ohio, they will not appear in this index.

What are the qualifications for burial in a Federal Cemetery? Visit the US Department of Veterans Affairs website for more information.

In the past, some of the cemeteries served as burial places for soldier's homes or Confederate prisoner of war camps. Each cemetery's webpage detail its history. Links are available in the search results.

No copies of records are available through this index. It's purely informational. We may have some supplemental material in our collections. Visit our Research Resources page to learn more about our available research tools/resources.

Not necessarily. Just because someone was buried in a Federal Cemetery in Ohio does not mean they died in Ohio.


  • ...they died out of state, we would not have a death certificate.
  • ...someone was killed-in-action, we would not have a death certificate; it would be a federal, not an Ohio, record. You will need to check with the National Archives.
The State of Ohio did not begin issuing death certificates at the state level until December 20, 1908. Any deaths prior to that will be kept with the county (1867-December 19, 1908). The Archives & Library receives death records from the Department of Health - Vital Statistics 50 years after issued.

For more recent deaths, please contact the Ohio Department of Health or the appropriate federal or state agency.

We may hold some records that can be used to verify or supplement the information in the index. However, we might not. If you wish to obtain images of particular headstones, please contact the appropriate cemetery and inquire about their procedures.