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Editorialana.                       469


folio volumes, comprising "some 10,000 fools-cap pages of notes of

the recollections of frontier warriors and pioneers, either written by

themselves, or taken down from their own lips; and wellnigh 5,000 pages

more of original manuscript journals, memorandum books, and old

letters written by nearly all the leading border heroes of the West."

This collection under the direction of Dr. Thwaites has been classified,

mounted in folios, catalogued and indexed in a most accurate and

satisfactory manner, so as to place it easily within the use of students,

desiring to consult the contents.

Dr. Draper died on August 26, 1891, after a life work, which

did not fulfill his ambition or plans-as he had ever hoped to write

and publish a series of complete biographies of pioneer heroes, but which

left to succeeding workers the foundation for many an historical edifice,

that never could have been erected but for "the unusual literary bricks

and stone" gathered by him. Dr. Thwaites, whose privilege it has been

to be the co-laborer and successor of Dr. Draper, to whose character

and life work Thwaites pays splendid tribute, describing him as "under-

sized, far from robust; a bundle of nervous activity, with delicate cut

features, which exhibited great firmness of character and the powers of

intense mental concentration, readily brightened with the most winning

of smiles."




[The Rufus Putnam Memorial Association, with headquarters at

Worcester, Massachusetts, held its tenth annual meeting at Rutland, Mass.,

the home of Rufus Putnam, on September 27, 1910. As the proceedings

interest the members of the Ohio State Archaeological and Historical

Society, we publish the same as reported in the Worcester Daily Telegram,

on September 28.-EDITOR.]

The 10th annual meeting of the Rufus Putnam Memorial Association

was held in the Rufus Putnam home. The Worcester members and some

from other places came in 10 automobiles. They left the Worcester

Club about 11.30 o'clock.

The meeting was stirred by the address of Senator Charles S.

Dana of Marietta, 0., and remarks by Prof. A. B. Hulbert of Marietta

College. President G. Stanley Hall called the meeting to order at 12.25

o'clock. Secretary Eben F. Thompson read the records of the last annual

meeting. Vice-President Hon. Henry A. Marsh spoke of the death of

Henry E. Hill, treasurer of the association, telling of his untiring

efforts for the good of the association. He then read the report of

the treasurer, which showed the balance on hand $178.16.

Then followed the election of officers for the year 1910-11. These

were chosen: President, G. Stanley Hall; Vice-President, Hon. Henry A.

Marsh; Clerk and Secretary, Eben F. Thompson; Treasurer, Edward G.