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Historical News

Historical News




THE RUTHERFORD B. HAYES LIBRARY has recently published in mimeo-

graph form a twenty-page annual report of the director of research,

Watt P. Marchman. He reports the addition of more than a thousand

books in the library's field of interest and several hundred manuscript

items. Included in the latter are a veto message of President Hayes,

with notations in his own hand, a collection of articles about Hayes by

Frank G. Carpenter, and a William Cullen Bryant letter.


A committee of the Association of Methodist Theological Schools is

seeking information on the location of unpublished materials, particularly

autograph letters and journals, from the hands of leaders of the early

and middle periods of Methodist history in America, especially Jesse

Lee, Orange Scott, Ezekiel Cooper, Frederick Stier, Nicholas Snethen,

John Emory, William McKendree, William Capers, and Joshua Soule.

The information is being gathered in order to have the materials micro-

filmed and thus made available to students of Methodist history. Fur-

ther information may be obtained by writing Dr. Richard M. Cameron,

P.O. Box 166, Concord, Massachusetts.


Louis Leonard Tucker, associate director of the Historical and

Philosophical Society of Ohio, reports that the society has acquired a

collection of family papers, including diaries, of General Andrew Hick-

enlooper, a Civil War officer and president of the Cincinnati Gas and

Electric Company. The period covered is 1858-1910.

The society has recently published The Census of Cincinnati, Ohio,

1817, and Hamilton County Voters' Lists for 1798 and 1799, edited by

Marie Dickore.


The April and October 1961 issues of American Jewish Archives will

be devoted to the Civil War, with particular emphasis on the part played

by Jews of both the North and the South.