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Notes and Queries

Notes and Queries




The Archives-Library Division of The Ohio Historical Society is pleased to

announce the opening of the Michael DiSalle Papers to the public. DiSalle

was governor of Ohio from 1959 to 1963. The collection contains 391 boxes of

material covering, in part, DiSalle's years as governor; the national elections

of 1960, 1964, and 1968; the Ohio gubernatorial elections of 1956, 1958, and

1962; as well as material dealing with DiSalle's early career as a member of

the Ohio House of Representatives, and Director of Price Stabilization from

1950 to 1952. A more complete inventory is available in the Society's library.


The Society of American Archivists has begun a comprehensive archival

security program. Major facets of the project will be supported by a $99,690

grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Ann Morgan

Campbell, Executive Director of the SAA, will direct the project and Timothy

G. Walch has joined the Society's Chicago staff as associate director of the

program. He will assume primary responsibility for implementation of various

phases of the work plan. Kathryn M. Nelson will be program assistant for the


The staff is now involved in a large-scale investigation of the nature and

extent of the archival security problem and of possible solutions. Legal and

technical experts, manuscript dealers, as well as archivists and manuscript

curators, will be consulted.

The agenda for the program is as follows. A registry of missing manuscripts

will be established by spring 1976. A format will be devised within the next

few months and solicitation of listings will begin by the end of this year. A

special section of the SAA Newsletter will be devoted to security develop-

ments. Eventually, distribution of security news will be broadened to include

non-member, interested parties. By fall 1976, a consultant service will make

competent experts available to archival institutions to advise them in the

areas of security systems, internal archival procedures, legal problems, and

other aspects of archival security. The project will culminate in 1977 with the

publication of an archival security manual.

For further information please write to the Associate Director, SAA Archival

Security Program, Society of American Archivists, Box 8198, University of

Illinois, Chicago Circle, Chicago, Illinois 60680.

The Berkshire Conference of Women Historians is pleased to announce the

award of its annual prizes for the best article and book published by a wo-

man. The prize for the best article was awarded to Mary Martin McLaughlin

for her "Survivers and Surregates: Children and Parents from the Ninth to

the Thirteenth Centuries," in the History of Childhood, edited by Lloyd de

Mause. This year two book awards were given, one to Kathryn Kish Skier for

her Catherine Beecher: A Study in American Domesticity (Yale University

Press), the other to Lois Green Schwoerer for No Standing Armies! (Johns

Hopkins Press).

The next prize will be awarded in June, 1976, for a book and article pub-

lished in 1975 by a woman historian. Submit two copies of all entries to Gab.

Notes and Queries 85

Notes and Queries                                                85


rielle M. Spiegel, Department of History, University of Maryland, College

Park, Maryland, 20742 by February 15, 1976.

Charles Dollar will be the keynote speaker at the annual Great Lakes Re-

gional History Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan, April 22-24, 1976. The

title of Dr. Dollar's presentation will be "Quantitative-Qualitative: Can the

new History be all things to all Historians." This conference is intended to

provide a history forum for the North Central states and the program commit-

tee welcomes participants from all institutions, universities, colleges, junior

colleges and high schools. Sessions or papers dealing with any aspect of his-

tory will be considered. Those interested in presenting a paper or session should

send a precis to Professor Anthony R. Travis, Department of History, Grand

Valley State Colleges, Allendale, Michigan 49401.

The Third Annual California State History Forum will meet on April 17,

1976. Proposals for papers or sessions, particularly relative to western

Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, and northern West Virginia should be directed to

J. Kent Folmar, Department of History, California State College, California,

Pennsylvania 15419.

In the "Aeolus" Episode of James Joyce's novel Ulysses, Dublin news-

paper editor Myles Crawford makes an allusion to a North Cork Militia under

Spanish officers winning a battle in Ohio. Joyce scholars have been unable to

find any meaning in the passage, except as a possible indication of Crawford's

drunken state. Can any historian suggest an explanation, whether involving a

military unit named "The North Cork Militia" or one composed chiefly from

Irishmen who had served in that unit? It might have been a nickname for an

Ohio unit in the Civil War. Anyone having information is asked to contact

Ms. Ruth Bauerle, Department of English, Ohio Wesleyan University, Dela-

ware, Ohio 43015.

Patrick Miller of The Ohio Historical Society is researching Oscar Wilde's

1882 speaking tour in America and Ohio. Anyone who has publicity items for

the tour, or letters to or from Wilde during his stay in the United States, is asked

to contact Mr. Miller at the Society in care of Ohio History.

The Department of History at Kent State University announced the promo-

tions of John Morris to Associate Professor at the Trumbull Regional Campus

and Sherman B. Barnes to Professor Emeritus. Professor Barnes has sub-

sequently entered into retirement.