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Notes and Queries

Notes and Queries



Recent promotions, appointments, and retirements within the academic

community of Ohio historians include: Lester Lee appointed as an Assistant

Professor at Antioch College; Gary R. Hess will succeed Edmund J. Danzing-

er as Department Chair at Bowling Green State University; William R. Rock

has been named as a Graduate Advisor and Michael Moore as an Under-

graduate Advisor at Bowling Green State University; Virginia B. Platt, Profes-

sor Emeritus, was recently appointed to a full term on the Bowling Green

State University Board of Trustees; Thomas Knox, Ronald Seavoy, and Da-

vid Weinberg have been granted leaves of absence for all or part of the

1985-86 academic year by Bowling Green State University; Robert W. Twy-

man of Bowling Green State University has taken early retirement after thirty-

six-and-one-half years of service; James H. Satterwhite has been appointed

to teach European History at Bluffton College; Kenneth Davison of Heidel-

berg College has been reappointed to the Seneca County Museum Board;

Kent State University granted sabbatical leaves to Robert P. Swierenga and

Yeh-Chien Wang; John Snyder of Kent State University retired in June but

will continue to teach on a part-time basis; Joan Cadden will be on leave from

Kenyon College during 1985-86 in order to work on a book; Miami University

recently promoted Michael J. Hogan and Maynard William Swanson to Pro-

fessor; Kenneth J. Andrien, James R. Bartholomew, Alan D. Beyerchen,

Mansel Blackford, John C. Burnham, and Hao Chang will be on leave during

part or all of the 1985-86 year from The Ohio State University; Williamson

Murray and Carole R. Rogel have been granted leaves of absence from The

Ohio State University; Michael W. Curran of The Ohio State University has

been appointed Dean of the University College; The Ohio State University's

K. Austin Kerr and Joseph H. Lynch have been promoted to the rank of Pro-

fessor and Kenneth M. Hamilton to the rank of Assistant Professor with ten-

ure; Eve Levin, Randolph A. Roth, and David E. Dauer, joined the faculty

of The Ohio State University; Rio Grande College promoted both Marcella

B. Barton and Ivan M. Tribe to Associate Professor; Bogdan C. Novak and

Larry D. Wilcox of the University of Toledo will be on leave during the

1985-86 academic year; and Lloyd Lapp and Ivan Scott of the University of

Toledo have retired.

The Sixth Annual Symposium on Illinois History will be held November

29-30, 1985, in Springfield, Illinois. Papers and sessions will consider aspects

of the history, literature, art and culture, politics, geography, archaeology,

anthropology, and related fields of Illinois and/or the Ohio and Mississippi

Valleys. For details contact the Illinois State Historical Library, Old State

Capitol, Springfield, Illinois 62706.


The Ohio Academy of History will hold its annual meeting on April 19,

1986, at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio. If you wish to submit a paper

topic, submit a title and 100-word abstract to Erving E. Beauregard, Depart-

ment of History, University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio 45469, prior to January

3, 1986.


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The Society for German-American Studies will hold its Tenth Annual

Meeting and Symposium at the University of Cincinnati on April 24-26, 1986.

The meeting will be sponsored by the University Libraries, the German De-

partment, and the Goethe House New York at the University. Inquiries

should be addressed to either Jerry Glenn (c/o German Department) or Don

Heinrich Tolzman (c/o Reference Department) at the University of Cincinnati,

Cincinnati, Ohio 45221.

The Durham-based Forest History Society, an affiliate of Duke University,

is coordinating a team of researchers in a comprehensive historical study of

the southern forest. The U.S. Forest Service is contracting the study with

matching funds provided by the R. A. Long Foundation of Kansas City and

the Mitchell Foundation at Mobile, Alabama. The investigation will result in

a six-part report on the development of the South's woodlands from the be-

ginning of European settlement to the present. Participants include Robert S.

Maxwell, H. R. Josephson, Ed Kerr, Robert Nonnemacher, Walter Myers,

and John Gray. Dennis Roth, chief historian for the Forest Service, is pro-

viding agency oversight. The National Forest Products Association and the

Association of Southern State Foresters are cooperating with this important


The Department of History of Ohio Wesleyan University recently an-

nounced the establishment of a new annual lecture series in local history.

The Joseph and Edith Vogel Lecture was made possible by a generous gift

from Professor Ezra F. Vogel, a distinguished alumnus of Ohio Wesleyan

University and a native of Delaware, Ohio, who is currently Professor of East

Asian Studies at Harvard University. Professor Vogel hopes that the series

would "promote among Ohio Wesleyan faculty, staff, and students, a better

understanding of Delaware and the surrounding area." For further informa-

tion concerning this new lecture series, please contact the Vogel Lecture

Committee, Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio 43015.

Connecticut State Librarian Clarence R. Walters recently announced that

bar examination applications which originated 50 years ago or more are now

available for public examination in the Archives, History and Genealogy

Unit. Prior to this, Library staff could make records available only to attor-

neys wanting to examine their own applications or to persons cleared by the

State Bar Examining Committee. An agreement signed on November 21, 1984,

by the State Archivist and the Committee's Administrative Director opens

files originating in 1934 or earlier. Access to files created within the last 50

years will continue to be governed by the Committee's restrictions but will

gradually open on an annual basis. The bar examination applications should

be useful to legal historians, scholars, and attorneys. For further information,

researchers should contact the Archives, History and Genealogy Unit at

(203) 566-3692.

The Center for Archival Collections at Bowling Green State University con-

tinues its Church Records Microfilming project in cooperation with the Gene-

alogical Society of Utah, with over 75 collections microfilmed by early 1985.

The bulk of these collections include vital statistics for the period between

1830 and 1918 but some contain records to the present. The Center also re-

Notes and Queries 191

Notes and Queries                                             191


cently acquired the George and Myrtle Phillips Collection (Paulding and

Cincinnati, Ohio) 1900-1976 and the records of the Tiffin Glass Company. For

further information about these and other holdings, contact the Center for

Archival Collections, 5th Floor, Jerome Library, Bowling Green, Ohio 43403.

The Western Reserve Historical Society adopted new public hours for the

History Museum and the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum April 1, 1985, due

to a need to reduce operating costs. The History Museum and the Crawford

Auto-Aviation Museum are open to the general public from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00

p.m. Tuesday through Friday, and 12:00 noon to 5:00 p.m. Saturday and

Sunday. The hours of the History Library (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Tuesday

through Saturday) remain unchanged.

The Ohio Preservation Alliance has been created to further the cause of

historic preservation in Ohio. Under the motto "Serving Our Built Environ-

ment," the OPA seeks to unite and augment existing efforts to make preserva-

tion a part of more Ohioans lives. If interested in further details, contact

OPA, 22 North Front Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215.

Indiana University Press recently announced a new publication series, Mid-

western History and Culture, under the editorship of Thomas J. Schlereth

and James H. Madison. The series aims to publish important new scholar-

ship in the fields of history, American studies, folklore, geography, architec-

ture, and literary studies. Monographs and reprints are to be considered for

the series, as well as interpretive and synthetic works. While the series focus-

es primarily on the Old Northwest, it also seeks works which help to define

the region's geographical boundaries in new and unique ways. The Press and

the series editors welcome for consideration book-length manuscripts and

detailed book proposals. Inquiries should be addressed to: Joan Catapano

at Indiana University Press; James H. Madison at Indiana University; or

Thomas J. Schlereth at the University of Notre Dame.

The staff of Ohio History wishes to apologize for several errors which ap-

peared in the Winter-Spring 1985 issue of the journal. The illustration caption

on page 38 is incorrect - the Hocking Valley Railroad did not run "from Co-

lumbus to Toledo" as a careful reading of the article will confirm - and the

heading for the section beginning on page 75 should read "In Memoriam."

We regret that errors sometimes occur and thank our readers for bringing

these to our attention.