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  • Ohio Department of Health Death Certificates, 1913-1944, 1954-1963
  • Ohio Department of Health Stillborn Death Certificates, 1913-1935, 1942-1953
  • Columbus Board of Health Death Certificates, 1904-1908

If you are in the Reading Room in the Archives & Library in Columbus, you can print certificates for 1954-1963 directly from the terminal for $0.25 per page.

Copies cost $7 per certificate (Ohio residents pay 7.5% sales tax, so one certificate would cost $7.53).

You can print copies of death records in the Archives & Library Reading Room for $0.25 per page from the microfilm (December 20, 1908-1953) or from electronic files (1954-1963).

You can order death certificates from December 20, 1908 to 1953 and stillborn death certificates December 20, 1908 to 1935 (only available years) that are not yet available in the Ohio Death Record Index by completing an online request form and checking out through the Ohio History Store.

Order non-indexed death records by filling out this form: Request Form.

Please note: For death records issued prior to December 20, 1908, the county of death will need to be contacted for a copy of a death record. We hold death record microfilm for some of the counties (but not all). Visit the Online Collections Catalog (Browse by... > State Archives) to see if we might hold a copy of the records for a particular county. Ordering a copy will cost $12 (Ohio residents pay 7.5% sales tax, so one certificate would cost $12.90). Copies will be sent by mail and will need to be ordered with our order form.

You can also visit Archives & Library LibGuides for more information about death record research.

Since we did not create the original documents, we cannot certify them for legal purposes. If you need a certified copy, please contact the public health department or probate court in the county of death.

Copies of death certificates from the years 1954 to 1963 will be delivered by email with the document attached as an image file. All other death certificate copies will be shipped by postal mail.

Typically, your order will arrive in 1-2 weeks.