The Grand Army and the South -- Expansion of State University -- Review of Administration -- Education for the Negro -- Interest in Ohio Wesleyan University -- Visit to Nebraska -- Insistence on Importance of Manual Training -- Army Reunion at Huntington -- Death of Judge Johnson -- Trip Through South -- Growing Public Esteem -- April 1891-January 1892 1
Inauguration of McKinley as Governor -- Great Men of Kenyon -- Review of Election of 1876 -- Death of Bishop Bedell -- Bennett Case and Ingersoll -- Patriotism of Ancestors -- Advocacy of Single Presidential Term -- Death of General Buckland -- January-June, 1892 48
Presidential Nominations 1892 -- Trip to New England, Address at Framingham -- G.A.R. Encampment at Washington, Marches in Procession -- The Lesson of Seventy Years -- Mohonk Indian Conference -- At Chicago for Columbian Fair Dedication -- Death of Mrs. Harrison -- Election of Cleveland -- Last Activities -- 1892-1893 89
Appendix A Some Additional Letters 150
Appendix B The Last Days of Rutherford B. Hayes and Commemorative Official Actions Following His Death 157
Appendix C Transfer of Spiegel Grove to the State of Ohio and Endowment of the Hayes Memorial Library and Museum and of the Hayes Homestead 270
Appendix D The Hayes Memorial Library -- Soldiers' Memorial Tablit -- Celebration of Hayes Centenary 298
Appendix E Spiegel Grove State Park -- The Hayes Homestead and the Memorial Library and Museum 429

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