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The Director and staff of the Hayes Presidential Center have always wanted to have full access to the diaries and letters of President Hayes. With all the new technologies currently available to researchers, they decided that now was the time to digitize the five volume set of the Diary and Letters of Rutherford Birchard Hayes and mount it on the web.

With the close cooperation of their affiliate, the Ohio Historical Society, the project was completed in well under a year. The 3000 pages of the books were scanned by the staff of the State Archives . The scanned images were run through an optical character recognition program Prime Recognition. The web page was then designed by Gilbert Gonzalez of the Hayes Center staff and mounted jointly on the Hayes and Ohio Historical Society web pages.

The project was financially supported by the Hayes Presidential Center Board of Trustees Fund and the Ohio Historical Foundation.

Special thanks go to all the people at the Hayes Presidential Center who made this project possible:

Roger D. Bridges

Thomas Culbertson

Gilbert Gonzalez

Nan Card

Rebecca Hill



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