Appendix B:

Staff Roster 1887-2000




The following represents as complete a list of editorial, advisory, and design staff as could be compiled using the journal records available. A glance at the list will show many of the distinguished Ohio historians of the last century. Undoubtedly, many more people helped to produce the journal over the years. The Ohio Historical Society gratefully acknowledges a debt to all.





Albert A. Graham, Secretary and Editor, 1887-1894*


Emilius Oviatt Randall, Secretary and Editor, 1894*-1919


*During 1894, due to the ill health of Graham, Graham and Randall held the position of Secretary and Editor jointly.



Charles Burleigh Galbreath, Secretary and Editor, 1920-1934


Harlow Lindley, Secretary and Editor, 1934-1946


Clarence L. Weaver, Editorial Assistant/Assistant Editor, 1935?-1945


Lois R. Hiestand, Editorial Assistant, 1939-1940


Bertha E. Josephson, Editorial Associate, 1941-1945


S. Winifred Smith, Assistant Editor/Acting Assistant Editor, 1942-1965


James H. Rodabaugh,

Acting Editor, 1946-1947

Editor, 1947-1963


Henry J. Caren,

Associate Editor, 1947-1963

Acting Editor, 1963

Editor, 1963-1967

Henry H. Simms, Guest Editor, 1967


Helen M. Thurston,

Acting Editor, 1967

Managing Editor, 1967-1975


Walter R. Marvin, Editor, 1968


Michael S. Speer, Assistant Editor, 1969


Joseph Sustersic, Assistant Editor, 1969


Marilyn G. Hood, Special Issue Editor, 1971


Bronwyn M. Mellquist, Assistant Editor, 1972-1973


Thomas H. Hartig, Editor, 1975-1977


Patrick G. Miller, Jr., Editorial Assistant, 1975-1976


Edward Lense, Editorial Assistant, 1976


Nancy Summers, Editorial Assistant, 1977-1978


Nelson Lichtenstein, Editor, 1977-1978


Robert L. Daugherty,

Editorial Assistant, 1978

Acting Editor, 1978-1979

Editor, 1979-present


Laura Russell,

Editorial Assistant, 1979-1992

Associate Editor, 1992-1999


Patricia M. Walsh

Editorial Assistant, 1999-present





George W. Knight, Editorial Committee, 1888


Burke A. Hinsdale, Editorial Committee, 1888


William H. Venable, Editorial Committee, 1888


G. Frederick Wright, Editorial Committee, 1888

Carl Wittke, Board of Editors, 193?-1961


Albert T. Volwiler, Board of Editors, 193?-1956


Henry C. Shetrone, Board of Editors, 193?-1955


Beverley W. Bond, Jr., Board of Editors, 193?-1946


Clarence E. Carter, Board of Editors, 193?-1946


Robert C. Binkley, Board of Editors, 193?-1939


Francis P. Weisenburger, Board of Editors, 1946-1956


William Charvat, Board of Editors, 1947-1956


William E. Smith, Board of Editors, 1947-1956


Erwin C. Zepp, Board of Editors, 1956-1961


Walter Havinghurst, Board of Editors, 1956-1961


Harrison M. Sayre, Board of Editors, 1956-1961


Henry H. Simms, Manuscript Referee, 1968, 1970


Randolph C. Downes, Manuscript Referee, 1968, 1971-1973


K. Austin Kerr, Manuscript Referee, 1969-1970


Eugene Murdock, Manuscript Referee, 1969


William F. Zornow, Manuscript Referee, 1969


Thomas H. Smith,

Manuscript Referee, 1969

Editorial Advisory Board, 1978-1979


James H. Rodabaugh, Editorial Advisory Board, 1978-1985


Elliott M. Rudwick, Editorial Advisory Board, 1978-1986


Bertram Wyatt-Brown, Editorial Advisory Board, 1978-1986


Robert H. Bremner, Editorial Advisory Board, 1978-present


Zane Miller, Editorial Advisory Board, 1978-present


Randall Buchman, Editorial Advisory Board, 1978-present


Harry Scheiber, Editorial Advisory Board, 1978-present


Lorin Lee Cary, Editorial Advisory Board, 1978-1993


Bernard Sternsher, Editorial Advisory Board, 1978-present


George W. Knepper, Editorial Advisory Board, 1978-present


Mary Young, Editorial Advisory Board, 1978-present


Marian J. Morton, Editorial Advisory Board, 1986-present


Frank L. Byrne, Editorial Advisory Board, 1986-present


Larry L. Nelson, Editorial Advisory Board, 1997-present





Leroy Jackson, Jr., Designer, 1962-1964


William M. Evans, Designer, 1964-1966


Frank J. Hoffelt, Designer, 1966-1967


Daniel Stouffer, Jr., Designer, 1969


Don F. Wittekind, Grafiker/Grafic Designer, 1971-1975


Bruce Baby,

Cover Designer, 1975

Design Consultant, 1975-1986