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Archaeological Exhibit for the Centennial

Archaeological Exhibit for the Centennial.  173

The State should pay for it, pay generously for it, and should

authorize the placing of a copy of the final report in the

hands of every contributor to the exhibition, and in every

public library of the State, with a large edition over for dis-

tribution by the proper officers of the State and the experts

who prepared the report.

There are a few magnificent collections which ought to be

placed unbroken in the Exposition, and among the first of

these is that of Mr. Thomas Cleaney, of Cincinnati. His

collection should be placed where the archaeologists of the

State can study it in detail, and should then become the

property of the State by purchase. It would make a grand

beginning for such an archaeological collection as the State of

Ohio ought to have, and would doubtless draw to it many

other collections which otherwise would be lost or carried

out of the State. It would be well if all the owners of large

collections would put them on exhibition, but the real value

of the final report will depend upon the completeness of the

collection of typical specimens from all parts of the State.




THE Ohio Archaeological and Historical Society desires to

procure for publication, first in the QUARTERLY, a complete

list of all owners or collectors of archaeological and historical

specimens in Ohio,-especially those whose collections

illustrate Ohio antiquities. I will esteem it a favor if all who

read this will send me the names and addresses of any whom

they may know to be collectors. Blanks will be furnished,

if desired, on which to send such information.

We wish to secure this information, not only for use in our

regular Society work, but also that an exhibit may be made

by every Ohio collector in our coming Centennial Exposi-

tion in the autumn of 1888.        A. A. GRAHAM,