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DR. I. W. ANDREWS.-At the annual meeting of the

Ohio Teachers' Association, held at Sandusky, June 28,

1888, memorial exercises occurred in honor of the late

Israel W. Andrews. Professor M. R. Andrews read a

memorial sketch. In it he paid tribute in the highest

terms to the many virtues of the deceased scholar and

educator. His conservative but persistent and hopeful

nature; his accuracy and painstaking care as a student

and instructor; his unswerving fidelity to every trust; his

consistent and admirable Christian character; his loyal

devotion to duty, were all dwelt upon in fitting terms.

Especially, as was natural in an address before the State

Teachers' Association, the speaker dwelt at length upon

Dr. Andrews's services to the cause of education in Ohio.

and we reproduce from the Educational Monthly the fol-

lowing extract from the address:

"The younger teachers of Ohio do not know how

closely he is identified with the early history of our com-

mon schools. In February, 1851, this Association, in a

meeting at Columbus, appointed him, with six others,

Lorin Andrews, R. F. Humiston, D. F. DeWolf, James

Campbell, Darius Lyman, Jr., and Charles S. Royce, to

aid in the organization of county institutes, and through

the southern and eastern parts of the State he took an

active part in the educational campaign that ensued.

"He was President of this Association at Steubenville

in 1857, and long served on the Executive Committee; he

also delivered the annual address at Put-in-Bay in 1877.

He was a member of the State Board of Examiners from

1866 to 1871.

"As associate editor of the Ohio Journal of Education, in

the first six volumes (1852-7), and afterwards as contribu-

tor to its successor, the Educational Monthly, he showed

his lively interest in elementary education. In 1852, he