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ONE of the earlier issues of the QUARTERLY contained

timely suggestions regarding the preservation of old doc-

uments, letters and memoranda relating to our early his-

tory. There has, also, been no little discussion on this

question elsewhere, notably in the American Historical

Association. The result has been to awaken an interest

in such articles, and a search in old trunks, in garrets, and

in other such receptacles incident to our American domes-

tic lite. At the late Ohio Centennial at Columbus, a num-

ber of old, and in some instances, very valuable letters,

papers and documents were placed in my hands for exhi-

bition in the Department of History and Archaeology.

Among these a number of letters and papers, chiefly mil-

itary in character, were left by Mr. K. B. Swearingen, of

Circleville, whose ancestors were somewhat prominent in

early colonial history, his grandfather being an officer in

the Virginia troops, of which colony the family were early

residents.  In the publication of these, but little explana-

tory can be said. They are fragmentary in nature, relate

to the wars of that period, and cannot, in all cases, be as

well edited as is desired, owing to a lack of information

necessary to do so. They are, however, valuable for the

" side-lights," so to speak, they reflect on the current his-

tory of that time, and they will be printed, with many

other such documents, as space in the QUARTERLY will

permit, with such notes as can be gathered to explain


The first, and oldest document, is a "bill of sale," as


To all Persons to Whom these Presents shall Come

Know ye that I Jeremiah Crabb of Prince George County In the Prov-

ince of Maryland for and In Consideration of the Sum of Seventy Eight

Pounds three Shillings Currant money of Maryland to me in hand Paid by

Van Swearingen of Frederick County In Virginia the Rec't whereof I here-

by acknowledge, have Given, Granted, Bargained, bold and Set over and by