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UNDER this caption, each quarter, will be acknowledged

all books and periodicals received. All such works will

be deposited in the library.

A. A. GRAHAM, Secretary.


umes. Published by authority of the State, under

direction of the Superintendent of Public Printing.

Volume I, printed in 1875, begins with a "Land Pattent

to Henry Palin and John Swingleton," issued December

6th, 1652, by "I, Richard Bennett, Efq, Governour, and

Capt. Generall of Virginia." The volume ends in March,

1781, with a " List of fourteen 'Field Negroes' and two

'House Negroes ' entered and recorded by Nicholas Eve-

leigh, of Carolina, in the Clerk's office of Halifax County,

Va." The next volume begins April 1, 1781, and

ends December 31, 1781; it was published in 1881. The

third volume, from January 1, 1782, to December 31, 1784;

it was printed in 1883. The fourth volume is from Jan-

uary 1, 1785, to July 2, 1789; it was printed in 1884. The

fifth volume, printed 1885, (bound), is from January 2,

1790, to Agust 10, 1792. The sixth volume, printed in

1886, is from August 11, 1792, to December 31, 1793.

"The work," says the compiler of the first volume,

William P. Palmer, M. D., "is of a kindred nature with

that now in prosecution by the British Government. The

documents from which it is compiled  * * *  are land

patents, State papers, foreign and colonial official commu-

nications, incomplete proceedings of councils, courts, and

vestries; the public and private correspondence of prom-

inent individuals, and a considerable quantity of miscel-

laneous manuscripts of more than ordinary interest,

because of their relations to the domestic affairs, habits,

manners, and customs of the people at different periods

of the colonial and State histories."