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Sermon by Rev

Sermon by Rev. John Moncure.           221






TEXT-"Remember the days of old, consider the years of many

generations."- Deuteronomy 32, 7.

A hundred years in the history of a place affords a fruitful

subject for study. When we gaze through the vistas of past

events, and consider the whys and the wherefores, and when we

thus are brought into realization of the fact that the things

which once appeared to men as "through a glass, darkly," by

the light of a century, are brought "face to face" with us, we

are more than impressed, particularly if our meditations are of

that devotional nature which enables us to glean the "truth, as

it is in Jesus," from the passing years. Matters once considered

comparatively unimportant, when viewed in their places as links

in the great chain of events, which unites our time with past

ages, are not only important as eras in history, but as stages of

development of the plan which our Father devised for our good

and His glory.

To-day we stand at the finishing point of a century in the

history of Gallipolis. The words of Moses to the children of

Israel, when the work of journeying from Egypt to Canaan was

nearing completion, and a new life was opening before them,

will form the basis of our thoughts in this sermon. He enjoined

them to "remember the days of old," and to "consider the

years of many generations," in order that they might be con-,

vinced of God's wisdom and mercy. We view the history of

His dealings with our forefathers, and with us, in the same

spirit. The happenings of a hundred years, considered from a

national and local standpoint, have been impressed upon your

minds by the exercises of the past few days, and we need not

dwell upon them here. * * * The subject which we would

emphasize in connection with the history of our nation, state

and city, is that which is so dear to every true heart, the Church

of God. When we say that its growth has been great, we ex-

press God's favor and loving kindness in no slight degree. The

church was the comforting medium in America one hundred