Ohio History Journal

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THE present volume is the third issued by this Society. The

first and second were issued in pamphlet form, quarterly,

but many members expressing a preference for the publication

in bound (annual) form, this volume is so issued. Should this

form seem best, it will be continued.

Some delay has been experienced owing to serious illness

on the part of three of those whose papers are among the best

in the volume. This has necessarily delayed the publication

several months beyond the regular time of issue, a delay which

could not be avoided.

In addition to the anniversary exercises in connection with

the Centennial of the settlement of Gallipolis, the volume con-

tains the proceedings of the Society for two years, and several

papers prepared for the annual meetings of these years, as well

as the Act of Incorporation, a synopsis of the By-Laws, and a

complete list of the members from the organization of the

Society until the present time. The Society has been in exist-

ence five years, and few societies can show so good a growth

and better results. The volumes now issued are sufficient evi-

dence of the work already done, and of that before us. The

next volume will contain a full history of the boundary ques-

tions between Virginia and Ohio, together with a full discussion

of the claims of Virginia to the territory north of the Ohio

River. It is also intended to include in this volume a discus-

sion of the boundaries between Ohio and Indiana and between