Ohio History Journal




The first edition of this volume, published in 1891, having

been exhausted, in response to continued demands for copies of

the same, the Legislature of Ohio of '93-94 appropriated the

sum of five hundred dollars to be used by the Society in defray-

ing the expense of republication. The original edition was pub-

lished under the direction of Mr. A. A. Graham, at that time

Secretary of the Society, and is now reprinted as it first ap-

peared, without alteration.

Mr. Graham tendered his resignation as Secretary, to the

Trustees of the Society, in the fall of 1894, which was accepted

and the subscriber hereto was then elected to fill the vacancy.

It should be stated, also, that at the annual meeting of the

Society held February, 1895, a new constitution was adopted by

which the annual membership fee was reduced from five to

three dollars, and the life membership fee from fifty to twenty-

five dollars.

The new constitution will appear in full in volume IV,

which will be published during the present year (1895).



Columbus, Ohio, April, 1895.