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Ohio State Archaeological and Historical






From   February 19, 1893, to February 19, 1894.



To the HON. WILLIAM MCKINLEY, Governor of Ohio:

SIR-The eighth annual report of this Society was a resume

of the work to that time, chiefly along lines connected with the

department of American Archaeology and History at the World's


Since the date of that report our labors have been princi-

pally directed toward completing in the best manner possible an

exhibit for the Fair which should in all respects prove a credit to

our State.

It first had been the intention to give this department a

place in the Manufacturers and Liberal Arts building; but this

structure, despite its enormous size, was found to be no more

than adequate for the exhibits in the departments of Manufac-

* Mr. Graham, the Secretary, before yielding the duties of his office

and leaving for the West, prepared a very complete and interesting report

of the participation of the Ohio Archaeological and Historical Society in

the Columbian Exposition at Chicago. This report gave a full list of the

articles exhibited by the Society and their donors or loaners; a full report

of the proceedings on Ohio Day, September 14, when the monument of

"Ohio's Jewels" was unveiled on the grounds of the Exposition. This

report, some seventy-five pages in length, was too extended to be published

by the State for general distribution with the State reports of the other

departments. Only a brief synopsis was therefore printed officially by the

State. That synopsis is herewith reprinted. The full report of Mr. Graham,

with some additional matter pertinent thereto, was published by the

Society and distributed to the members in August 1894.