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The Virginia Charters

The Virginia Charters.               33








(DATED MARCH 12, 1611-2.)


1. James, by the grace of God, king of England, Scotland,

France and Ireland, defender of the faith; to all to whom these

presents shall come greeting, Whereas, at the humble suit of

divers and sundry our loving subjects, as well adventurers as

planters of the first colony in Virginia, and for the propagation

of christian religion, and reclaiming of people barbarous to civil-

ity and humanity, we have, by our letters patents, bearing date,

at Westminster, the three and twentieth day of May, in he sev-

enth year of our reign of England, France, and Ireland, and the

two and fortieth of Scotland, given and granted unto them, that

they, and all such and so many of our loving subjects, as should

from time to time for everafter, be joined with them, as planters

or adventurers in the said plantation, and their successors, for-

ever, should be one body politick, incorporated by the name of,

The Treasurer and Company of Adventurers and Planters of

the city of London for the first Colony in Virginia.

2. And whereas also, for the greater good and benefit of the

said company, and for the better furtherance, strengthening, and

establishing of the said plantation, we did further give, grant

and confirm, by our said letters patents, unto the said treasurer,

and company, and their successors, for ever, all those lands,

countries, or territories, situate, lying, and being, in that part of

America called Virginia, from the point of land, called Cape or

Point Comfort, all along the sea coasts, to the northward, two

hundred miles, and from the said point of Cape Comfort all along

the sea coast, to the southward, two hundred miles, and all that

space and circuit of land, lying from the sea coast of the precinct

aforesaid, up or into the land, throughout from sea to sea, west