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46 Ohio Arch

46       Ohio Arch. and His. Society Publications.



SECTION 1. Whereas, the Congress of the United States

did, by their act of the 6th day of September, in the year 1780,

recommend to the several States in the Union, having claims

to waste and unappropriated lands in the western country, a

liberal cession to the United States of a portion of their respective

claims for the common benefit of the Union:

SEC. 2. And, whereas, this commonwealth did, on the 2d

day of January, in the year 1781, yield to the Congress of the

United States, for the benefit of said States, all right, title, and

claim which the said commonwealth had to the territory north-

west of the river Ohio, subject to the conditions annexed to the

said act of cession:

SEC. 3. And, whereas, the United States in Congress as-

sembled have, by their act of the 13th of September last, stipu-

lated the terms upon which they agree to accept the cession of

this State, should the Legislature approve thereof, which terms,

although they do not come fully up to the propositions of this

commonwealth, are conceived, on the whole, to approach so

nearly to them as to induce this State to accept thereof, in full

confidence that Congress will, in justice to this State for the

liberal cession she hath made, earnestly press upon the other

States, claiming large tracts of waste and uncultivated territory,

the propriety of making cessions equally liberal for the common

benefit and support of the Union:

Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That it shall and may be

lawful for the delegates of this State to the Congress of the United

States, or such of them as shall be assembled in Congress, and

the said delegates, or such of them so assembled, are hereby

fully authorized and empowered, for and on behalf of this State,

by proper deed or instrument in writing, under their hands and

seals, to convey, transfer, assign, and make over unto the United

States, in Congress assembled, for the benefit of said States,


* This act was passed on December 20, 1783, by the legislature of Vir-

ginia, to authorize the delegates of that State in Congress to convey to the

United States all the rights of that commonwealth to the territory north-

west of the river Ohio.