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66 Ohio Arch

66       Ohio Arch. and His. Society Publications.


SEC. 5. Be it further enacted, That nothing in this act

contained shall be construed so as in any manner to affect the

government now in force in the territory of the United States

northwest of the Ohio River, further than to prohibit the exer-

cise thereof within the Indiana Territory, from and after the

aforesaid fourth of July next; Provided, That whenever that part

of the territory of the United States which lies to the eastward

of a line beginning at the mouth of the Great Miami River, and

running thence due north to the territorial line between the

United States and Canada, shall be erected into an independent

State and admitted into the Union on an equal footing with the

original States, thenceforth said line shall become and remain

permanently the boundary line between such States and the

Indiana Territory; anything in this act contained to the con-

trary notwithstanding.

SEC. 6. And be it further enacted, That until it shall be

otherwise ordered by the Legislatures of the said territories re-

spectively, Chillicothe, on Scioto River, shall be the seat of the

government of the territory of the United States northwest of the

Ohio River; and that Saint Vincennes, on the Wabash River,

shall be the seat of the government for the Indiana Territory.

Approved May 7, 1800.






(MAY 30, 1800, 1 V. L. U. S., p. 485.)

To all who shall see these presents, I, Jonathan Trumbull,

Governor of the State of Connecticut, send greeting:

WHEREAS, The General Assembly of the State of Con-

necticut, at their session holden in Hartford, on the second Thurs-

day of May, one thousand eight hundred, passed an act, entitled

"An act renouncing the claims of this State to certain lands

therein mentioned," in the words following to-wit:

"WHEREAS, The Congress of the United States, at their

session, begun and holden in the City of Philadelphia, on the

first Monday of December, in the year one thousand seven hun-