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THE Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society here-

with presents to its members and patrons Volume V of its

publications. We are justified in saying, that it is the most

valuable contribution to the historical literature of Ohio yet pub-

lished by the Society. It contains material never before made

accessible to the public, and this material has been gathered and

placed in logical and intelligible form by gentlemen thoroughly

competent to do this work.

Mr. D. J. Ryan, Secretary of the State of Ohio, for the years

1888-1892, has been a close student of the events pertaining to

our state, has written "A History of Ohio" - (1888) - and has

contributed to the press many articles upon our state's history.

In the chapters entitled "From Charter to Constitution", Mr.

Ryan has prepared what may be called an abstract of the title to

the territory that now constitutes the State of Ohio. He has

produced in their order, copies of the documents establishing the

chain of possession and transfer from the original colonial grant

(1606) of the English crown to the state Constitutional Conven-

tion of 1802 and the act of Congress of 1803 recognizing the State

of Ohio. The disputes as to the territorial boundaries of the state

were treated in the last volume (IV) of the Society, published

January, 1896.

The article by Mr. J. F. Laning, member of the State Senate

from Huron County, appropriately supplements the one by Mr.

Ryan. Mr Laning is the author of "Ohio Civics," "Law for Ohio

Schools," "The Growth and History of Ohio," etc. His paper

on the evolution of the counties or gradual division and re-division

of the state into counties, was especially prepared for our Society.

Mr. Laning was unable to continue the article to the present date

in time for the issuing of this volume. The completion of the

article will appear in a subsequent publication of the Society.