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Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Incorporation.                  ix






Articles of Incorporation.

MARCH 13, 1885.

The undersigned citizens of Ohio, having associated themselves to-

gether, and desiring to form a corporation not for profit, under the laws

of the said State of Ohio, do hereby subscribe and acknowledge the fol-

lowing articles of incorporation:

1. The name of such corporation shall be The Ohio State Archaeological

and Historical Society.

2. Said corporation shall be located and its principal business trans-

acted at the City of Columbus, County of Franklin, and State of Ohio.

3. Said Society is formed for the purpose of promoting a knowl-

edge of Archaeology and History, especially of Ohio, by establishing and

maintaining a library of books, manuscripts, maps, charts, etc., properly

pertaining thereto; a museum of prehistoric relics and natural or other

curiosities or specimens of art or nature promotive of the objects of the

Association - said library and museum to be open to the public on rea-

sonable terms--and by courses of lectures and publication of books,

papers and documents touching the subjects so specified, with power

to receive and hold gifts and devises of real and personal estate for the

benefit of such Society, and generally to exercise all the powers legally

and properly pertaining thereto.

4. Said Society has no capital stock.

The Articles of Incorporation were signed by twenty-eight persons.