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The genealogical history of "The Orton Family in America,"

a book of which Dr. Edward Orton was the author, begins with

this paragraph:

"The surname ORTON is neither a common nor an unusual

one. It is a name that could be heard without surprise in any

community of English descent. It occurs in the directories of

many cities of the country and can probably be found in many

towns of the United States that have a population of 100,000 or

more; but the list of Ortons is generally confined to a few

individuals, and in many cases there is but a single family."

The name is found in Denmark, and Norway: there is at

least one Norwegian family in Minnesota who brought the name

from the Scandinavian peninsula. But it is more common in

England; several localities in Leicestershire bear the name of the

family; and since the larger number of the earliest settlers

of New England came from the central and eastern portions of

Old England it is fair to assume that Thomas Orton who settled

in Windsor, Conn. between 1636 and 1641, belonged to the

Edward Orton became a life member of the Ohio State Archaeological

and Historical Society soon after its organization. He gave it much of

his valuable time and took a deep and unremitting interest in its work

and progress. He delivered many addresses at its meetings, and added

much to its published literature. The officers and trustees of the Society

freely counseled with him concerning the work entrusted to them. The

secretary was often greatly indebted to Dr. Orton for suggestion and

encouragement. A few weeks previous to his death Dr. Orton was

elected a trustee of the Society, a position which had been many times

offered him before. While characteristically disclaiming great learning

in archaeology, Dr. Orton nevertheless was regarded as a scholar of high

authority in that subject. - E. O. R.