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248 Ohio Arch

248        Ohio Arch. and His. Society Publications.


not far off. Indeed, is not the time ripe at the present moment for the

erection of such a building on the part of the legislature, as a memorial

edifice to mark the centennial anniversary of the establishment of our state.

This would come now with all the more opportune appropriateness, as

the centennial celebration, which was to have been held at Toledo, has

been abandoned.




It is our duty to record that the Ohio Archaeological and Historical

Society has been deprived of the glory of an achievement which it had

in contemplation. We refer to the anticipated erection of a monument

over the grave of the heroes of Perry's Victory on the Island of Put-

in-Bay. It will be recalled that a few days after the surrender of Com-

modore Barkley's fleet (September 10, 1813) a vessel hailing from the

settlement upon which is now located the town of Vermillion, arrived

laden with supplies for the American squadron. While anchored off

shore the master of the vessel visited the island where were interred

the slain officers of both fleets.* In his hand, it is said, he carried a

walking stick cut from a green Willow. The earth which formed the

mound over the lowly grave was still fresh, and into the yielding sur-

*See Sketches and Story of the Lake Erie Islands, by Theresa Thorn-