Ohio History Journal




THE volume herewith issued from the press is Volume IX

of the Annual Publications of the Society. It consists of

the material issued in quarterly form, as quarterlies. No.

I, July, 1900, No. 2, October, 1900, No. 3. January, 1901, No. 4,

April, 1901. The table of contents speaks for itself. Perhaps

no previous volume is of greater interest or value in the topics

treated. Each article has been prepared solely for this publi-

cation, and the estimation in which these publications are now

held is evidenced by the greatly increased demand for them,

not only by scholars, but by the Historical Societies and Public

Libraries throughout the country. The addition to the past

year's quarterly publications of an editorial department, has given

the quarterly a more distinctively magazine character. This new

feature seems to be justified by the favorable manner in which it

has been received by the publications of other societies and the

leading magazines of the country.


Columbus, O., May 1, 1901.                  Secretary.