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46 Ohio Arch

46         Ohio Arch. and His. Society Publications.







[This poem was written by Mrs. Lawrence and read by her as she

stood by President McKinley, upon the occasion of the launching of the

"Ohio" at San Francisco, May 18, 1901. Mrs. Lawrence is a native of

Richland county, Ohio, and now    a resident of Toledo. She is the

author of the well-known little volume of poems entitled "Day Dreams."]



Oh! Star of empire! thou that went before

The pilgrim, in the misty days of yore,

When glad, the Son of Progress left the


To pioneer Hesperian shores alone--

We owe to thee, with every passing hour,

A new world-life and liberty and power.

With bosom bare, and limbs of sturdy


The manly youth ran thro' the early

dawn -

His buskined feet touched light the troubled


His quest, to wake a dreaming world

from sleep.

By sandy shores, o'er Alleghany's crest,

He paused to hear the valley's purring rest.

Far to the West, the flood-tides ceaseless measure

Broke o'er his soul in waves of living pleasure.




Through the wild primeval forest,

Crept the youth with wondrous meaning-

Blazing trees for future heroes -

Waving wands with wizard seeming.

From the wigwam, came the cabin;

Birds soon flew the rifles crack;

And the plying locomotive

Drove the saddened red man back.