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It will be recalled that during the visit of Prof. F. W. Putnam, of

Harvard University, to the meeting of the American Association for the

Advancement of Science, held in Columbus August, 1899, that gentleman

stated to the officers of our Society that if we would accept, repair and

suitably preserve and guard the property known as Serpent Mound, then

in the possession of the Peabody Museum, that the trustees of that in-

stitution would transfer to us said property.  In December, 1899, in

pursuance of this generous proposition, we began correspondence with

Prof. Putnam as to the nature of the title we would receive, etc. After

proper presentation of the matter to the Finance Committee, of the House

of Representatives of the 74th General Assembly (March, 1900), that

committee recommended, and the legislature gave us, in the appropria-

tion bill, for the two ensuing years a suitable sum "For the repair

and care of Serpent Mound." In view of this assurance of our ability

to properly protect the property, Prof. Putnam brought the matter before

the President and Fellows of Harvard College, and after the required

deliberation and necessary proceedings, that institution forwarded us a

deed to the property. This deed recites, "That this conveyance is upon

the condition that the grantee corporation shall provide for the perpetual

care of the Serpent Mound, and upon the further condition that the

grantee corporation shall keep the Serpent Mound Park as a free public

park forever, and the non-fulfillment or breach of said condition or either

of them, shall work a forfeiture of the estate hereby conveyed and revest

the same in the grantor and its successors. And upon the further con-

ditions that the grantee Society shall place and maintain in the park a

suitable monument or tablet upon which shall be inscribed the record

of the preservation of the Serpent Mound and the transfer of the property

to the State Society." The vote of transfer was made by the Harvard

trustees in May, 1900, but the deed was acknowledged on the 8th day of

October, 1900. It was recorded in the Recorder's Office, West Union,

Adams county, November 22, 1900.

On January 9 last, 1902, the Secretary of the Society journeyed to the

Mound, and was present to witness the erection of the tablet in the

Mound Park, in accordance with the provisions of the deed. The site

selected for the monument was the summit of the circular prehistoric

mound which is located on the highest elevation of the park, and is about