Ohio History Journal



THE tenth volume of the publications of the Ohio State

Archaeological and Historical Society, which is here-

with issued in book form, includes the quarterlies of the

Society previously published as numbers 1 and 2 for July and Oc-

tober, 19O1, and numbers 3 and 4 for January and April, 1902.

The material put forth in this volume is sufficiently indi-

cated in the table of contents. The authoritative character of the

articles is satisfactorily evidenced by the names of the writers. It

is the aim of the Publication Committee to publish no article ex-

cept upon some subject worthy of permanent preservation and

heretofore not exhausted by other writers. Also, that the con-

tributor shall be some one of acknowledged scholarly attainments

and possessed of reliable information. The demand for the pub-

lications of the Society increases greatly each year. They are

now sent to many of the leafing libraries of the country, as well

as to most of the prominent historical societies. These volumes,

however, it should be distinctly understood, though published

under the auspices of the State, are not for gratuitous and mis-

cellaneous distribution as are many of the reports of the state

departments. We think it is pertinent to remark here that these

publications give ample testimony of the valuable work the So-

ciety is accomplishing, and of the personal interest and efficient

care and direction given its affairs by the Trustees and Officers.

E. 0. RANDALL, Secretary.

Columbus, Ohio, April, 1902.