Ohio History Journal

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[NOTE--On Thursday, September 25, 1902, the people of Lebanon, War-

ren county, Ohio, held appropriate exercises celebrating the one hundredth

anniversary of the settlement of that time honored town. The exercises

were held in the opera house, Mr John E. Smith acting as President. There

were many distinguished speakers present who made addresses. Our space

in this Quarterly will not permit of the extended report which we would

like to make, but on account of its literary excellence and historic value

we produce in full the oration of Professor Venable, the well known author

and litterateur.- E. O. R.]

The loyal American citizen, whenever and wherever he

may chance to hear the familiar words, "My Country, 'tis of

three," thinks first of the United States; but the next moment

his mind is thronged with thoughts of some particular state,

of whose rocks and rills and woods and templed hills, his

heart forever sings. Promptly his patriotism pays homage to

Old Glory and his gratitude spells Nation with large capitals;

then his state pride singles out the One from    the Many-in-

One. If he be an Ohio man, his imagination magnifies that

lesser Commonwealth, until it takes up the entire map of his

affections and the vast sky scarcely affords space for the big

O he would inscribe upon its scroll. But the mighty State

dwindles and fades when his returning footsteps eagerly bear

him toward his unrivaled County, which then appears the

only substantial portion of the globe's surface. Once within

the borders of that blessed shire, the anxious native makes

breathless haste to reach his own Township, to tread the soil

and breathe the air of the district in which he went to school,

to hasten through the hamlet so familiar to his boyish sports,

to run, to fly shortcut across the meadow and down the lane,

to rush in at the open door of the farm-house in which he

was born and to take by surprise the old folks at home!