Ohio History Journal

Centennial Tribute to Ohio

Centennial Tribute to Ohio.            181


Oh, the tasseled corn for the whole broad land

For the Union no power can sever;

But the buckeye brown for the Buckeye State

Shall be our badge forever.






Hail, fair OHIO, from the great Northwest,

The first established free state and the best;

Where bounteous Nature spread with lavish hand

A fertile soil throughout this favored land,

And filled the tree-crowned hills with varied stores

Of inexhaustible and precious ores,

Where flowing streams combine with inland seas

And stately forests, rustling in the breeze,

To make thee "beautiful"- with pride elate

We pay this tribute to our glorious state.


But greater than by produce of her mines

And fertile fields, our fair OHIO shines;

Her earnest sons in every land are found

Where enterprise with rich reward is crowned;

And whether nerve in act or nerve in brain

Be in demand OHIO's sons sustain

The glory of their State and, prominent

In deed or council, still are dominant;

'Tis thus Ohio men build up her fame

And by their greatness glorify her name;

Though precious ores and corn and wine and oil,

Be the rich product of her fertile soil,

Yet most we glory in her greatness, when,

She demonstrates her chiefest product - MEN.

Bucyrus, Ohio.