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The International Congress of Americanists, made up of delegates

from the leading states of Europe, and nearly all of the Countries of the

Americas, held their biennial meeting in New  York City, beginning

October 22, 1902. At this meeting many addresses were made, and

papers were read by distinguished scholars pertaining to the Archaeology

of North and South America. The full proceedings of this meeting,

with the addresses, will be published in book form during the present year.

This congress is an institution of great importance, and is rather unique

in its character. The delegates to it were from various foreign countries,

and were appointed, and had all their expenses defrayed, by the re-

spective governments which they represented. At the close of their regu-

lar conference in New York, they were made the particular guests of the

Pennsylvania Railroad Company, which conveyed them by special cars from

New York to Washington, D. C. where they investigated the Government

Museums. Thence they were to proceed to Chicago by way of Cincinnati,

their ultimate destination being St. Louis, that they might visit the great

mound of Cahokia, which is on the Mississippi river nearly opposite St.

Louis. It was the expressed and almost universal desire of the delegates

to this congress that they have an opportunity of visiting Fort Ancient,

and negotiations between he Secretary of the Ohio State Archaeological

and Historical Society, and Mr. M. H. Saville, the general secretary of

the congress and Assistant Curator of the American Museum of Natural

History of New York, resulted in the accomplishment of the wish of the

members of the congress. By the action of the Trustees of the Ohio So-

ciety, the Americanists were made the guests of the Society at Fort

Ancient, on Thursday, October 30, 1902. The train conveying the

foreign party reached Columbus in the early morning of the date in

question, and they were met and greeted by the following trustees and

officers of the State Society: Gen. R. Brinkerhoff, G. F. Bareis, A. R.

McIntire, M. D. Follett, H. A. Thompson, J. P. MacLean, C. L. Martz-

olff, B. F. Prince, C. P. Griffin, N. B C. Love, E. O. Randall, W. C.

Mills and E. F. Wood.

The guests and hosts proceeding over the Little Miami Railroad

arrived at Fort Ancient at 10 A M., where carriages had been provided

by the custodian Mr. Warren Cowen, to convey the entire party to the

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