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Since the annual meeting of the society held on June 5, 1903, the

proceedings of which were published in volume twelve, pp. 187-218,

the meetings of the trustees have been as follows;

that of the executive committee held June 30,

(1903) in the rooms of the society, Page Hall,

Ohio State University. After the determination of

the compensation to be accorded the different sal-

aried officers of the society, the standing commit-

tees for the year were agreed upon as follows:

finance, S. S. Rickly, G. F. Bareis, D. J. Ryan;

Serpent Mound, John W. Harper, A. R. McIntire,

R. Brinkerhoff; Fort Ancient, B. F. Prince, J. P.

MacLean, G. F. Bareis; Museum and Library, G. F.

Wright, B. F. Prince, W. H. Hunter; publication

committee, E. O. Randall, D. J. Ryan, J. Warren

Keifer; St. Louis Exposition, G. F. Wright, W. C.

Mills, E. O. Randall; memorial committee, R. Brink-

erhoff, George B. Wright, D. J. Ryan.

General Wright made a verbal report of a visit which he and the

Secretary made to Serpent Mound on June 9th. The Mound Park was

never in more excellent condition. Mr. Daniel Wallace, the custodian,

was greatly interested in his work and took pride in having everything

in tip-top order.

Prof. Mills submitted his proposed plans for the summer's explora-

tions at the Gartner mound in the vicinity of Chillicothe, Ross County.

The executive committee met again at the office of the secretary

in the Judiciary Building on September 3, (1903). The trustees present,

with the officers of many other organizations, had just attended the

funeral services at the First Congregational Church of General George B.

Wright, trustee and first vice-president of the society. An obituary notice

of General Wright appeared in the Quarterly for October 1903. The

vacancy created in the memorial committee by the death of General

Wright was filled by the appointment of Mr. D. J. Ryan. Mr. G. F.