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Inasmuch as I had personally known only a part of Simon

Kenton's family, and the record of the William Kenton family

gave only two or three items about Simon, I consulted one of

Simon's descendants, and he gave the number of children of each

marriage, to the best of his knowledge.  The date of the

second marriage was taken from the county records. From the

same gentleman I got a clue which enabled me to locate Simon

Kenton's family Bible - in the northwestern part of Indiana. I

have a transcript from that book, which enables me to correct

two errors in the article on Simon Kenton: viz. the number of his

children, and the second marriage.  The information was re-

ceived too late for the January Quarterly. The name of the sec-

ond wife was Elizabeth Jarboe, and the marriage took place in

Kentucky on March 27, 1798. Of the first marriage there were

two sons and two daughters; of the second, one son and five

daughters, all now dead.

The county record which I consulted did not give the age of

persons obtaining marriage licenses, and the Simon Kenton who

was married in 1818 was probably the son of the pioneer. At

that date the son was about twenty-five years old; but of him I

knew nothing until I obtained the aforesaid transcript.

William Kenton, Thomas Dowden, and Stephen Jarboe mar-

ried sisters, daughters of Thomas Cleland. These and others

were of the colony led by William Kenton to Kentucky in 1783.

Martha Dowden and Elizabeth Jarboe, wives of Simon Kenton,

were cousins, and both were nieces of Mary Kenton.

The grandson of Simon, who sent me the transcript spoken

of, also informs me that sixteen grandsons of the old pioneer

served in the army in the civil war, several of whom fell in that

contest. My informant, L. G. Kenton, of Monticello, Ind., being

one of the sixteen, -worthy sons of the illustrious ancestor.