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The Taylor-Livingston Centenary, Etc

The Taylor-Livingston Centenary, Etc.      489

Jr., of a paper prepared by his father, Edward L. Taylor, Sr.;

address by ex-Governor George K. Nash; address by Col. James

Kilbourne; address by Hon. Phil. H. Bruck; recitation of poem

by Mrs. William Sprague; address by Hon. Thomas E. Powell.

The program as carried out was from first to last impres-

sive, instructive and entertaining, characterized by sentiment, wit

and humor.   Immediately upon the conclusion of the exer-

cises supper was served and the closing hours of the beautiful

afternoon in June was spent in social intercourse by hundreds

of the descendants of the pioneer settlers in Franklin County.




Ladies and Gentlemen - It gives me great pleasure to have

so many acquaintances and friends here to-day. I thank you

for the compliment of your presence on this historic occasion.

On behalf of all the members of my family I extend to you

all the most cordial welcome, and I trust that you may experi-

ence as much pleasure in being guests as we do in being hosts.

I should like to indulge the hope, that one hundred years

hence, your denscendants and mine might under like favorable