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102 Ohio Arch

102      Ohio Arch. and Hist. Society Publications.

was introduced by Mr. Burdell and asked to invoke the Divine



"Our Father's God from out whose hand,

The centuries fall like grains of sand,"

We stand in this sunlit hour of privilege with grateful hearts for

the splendid inheritance thou hast given us in the midst of the

years. We thank thee for the happy memories which crowd our

hearts, and for the great opportunities which open before us.

Put thy blessing upon the commonwealth which we honor this

day, and upon all the commonwealths of our Nation! The bless-

ing of the Lord our God be upon us and the work of our hands

establish thou it, through Christ! Amen.



Ladies and Gentlemen - On behalf of the Ohio Commission

to the Louisiana Purchase Exposition I bid you welcome to these

Ohio day exercises. We are justly

proud of our state and we like to get

together and talk about her. The

Ohio Commission with limited re-

sources has done the best it could to

provide a comfortable and hospitable

meeting place for Ohio people visiting

the Fair. I am delighted that such a

goodly number of Ohioans lend their

appreciative presence to this superb

effort of this most progressive city.

To mass the products of the whole

world in one comprehensive grouping

-to search the globe and find its

rarest treasures - to place beside the

best gifts of an indulgent Providence, the best efforts of intel-

lectual man, is a work of stupendous magnitude. St. Louis has

done this and has done it well. We look upon the world's eighth