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It is and has been utterly impossible to fix, with absolute

certainty the date, or place of the birth of Colonel John O'Bannon.

It was not later than the year 1756, and may have been several

years previous. The place, as

near as can be determined,

was called Neville, Virginia.

John  Presley and  Morgan

Neville, prominent officers in

the Revolutionary War, were

her kinsmen, and likely broth-

ers. We are not certain as to

her father's name. From the

best information obtainable,

we are led to the conclusion

that the O'Bannon family was

of prominence in Virginia,

and that John O'Bannon had

a fair education. Among his

other acquirements, he learned

the art of surveying.  We

find that on April 14th, 1784,

Thomas Jefferson wrote him

a letter on the subject of a military commission as Major. It was

addressed to Captain John O'Bannon. It speaks of his men being

in the field and of the expected resignation of Major Buckner.

From the fact that Captain John O'Bannon is not found in Heit-

man's Register, we infer that his service must have been in the

state line. Mr. J. H. O'Bannon, public printer at Richmond, Va.,

is sure that the Captain addressed by Thomas Jefferson, April 14,

1781, is the same one we describe. We are unable to account for

John O'Bannon between April 14, 1781, and April 1786. In that