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On September 19, 1904, a meeting of the Executive Committee of

the Trustees of the Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society

was held in the rooms of the society, Page Hall, O. S. U., with the follow-

ing members present: Mr. George F. Bareis, Col. John W. Harper,

Mr. W. H. Hunter, Prof. B. F. Prince, Secretary E. O. Randall, Hon. D.

J. Ryan, Hon. S. S. Rickly, Prof. G. F. Wright and Mr. E. F. Wood.

The Secretary presented the resignation of Professor J. P. MacLean

as Trustee of the Society and also as a life member. Professor Mac-

Lean since his connection with the Society dating back to the annual

meeting of April 26, 1901, when although not even being a member of

the Society, he was elected a Trustee, has taken great interest in the

progress and success of the Society, having written several articles of

historical value which have appeared from time to time in the Quarterly

and having especially devoted himself to the gathering of material con-

cerning the history and literature of the Shaker Societies particularly

those in Ohio. He has made numerous donations to the Society of

books published by or pertaining to the Shakers and has also collected

for and delivered to the Society a considerable number of historical

Shaker articles in the shape of household utensils, articles of dress,

implements of farming, manufacture and so on. All this material the

Society received, catalogued and prepared to properly arrange and pre-

serve. On August 10th, during a visit to the museum and library of the

Society, Professor MacLean requested one of the assistants in charge to

send him a complete list of all articles and books delivered by him to the

museum and that receipts of all donations be sent to the various donors.

This was during the time when the curator of the museum and library

was absent in Saint Louis having in charge the exhibit of the Society at

the Louisiana Exposition and unusual duties devolved upon the assistants

in charge. On September 1st, Professor MacLean wrote the Secretary,

complaining that he had not received the requested list from the museum.

In explanation of the delay the museum assistant wrote Professor Mac-

Lean as follows:

"COLUMBUS, OHIO, September 6, 1904.

PROF. J. P. MACLEAN, Frankin, Ohio.

My Dear Sir:-

The list of Shaker pamphlets and books was forwarded to you

some time ago. Mr. Mills has not been home in the meantime and I