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Samuel Strasser Rickly died at his residence at 347 East Broad street,

Columbus, Ohio, on the evening of November 22d, 1905. Mr. Rickly was

one of the founders of the Ohio State Archaeo-

logical and Historical Society and from the date

of its organization was one of its most influential

and valuable members. It is due his memory at

this time to recall and place on record the ines-

timable service which he has rendered the society.

On the evening of February 12, 1885, an in-

formal meeting of several gentlemen was held in

the State Library, Columbus, to take steps towards

the organization of a state archaeological and his-

torical society. It was decided to issue a call for

a state convention of those interested in the for-

mation of such a society, said convention to con-

vene March 12, 1885. In the meantime, formal

meetings of those especially zealous in the project

were held to perfect the arrangements for the convention. In these pre-

liminary meetings Mr. S. S. Rickly took active part and was placed

upon a provisional committee with Mr. John J. Janney and Mr. Charles

Wetmore, Sr., for the purpose of securing temporary officers. Mr. Rickly

was one of the most enthusiastic participants in the convention of March

12, 1885. His name is fourth on the list of those who signed the ar-

ticles of incorporation and who were the charter members of the society.

Upon an adjourned meeting of the convention, held Friday, March 13

(1885), he was made Fifth Vice-President, General R. B. Hayes being

the Fourth. At the third annual meeting of the society, held in the

Senate Chamber, State House, January 14, 1887, Mr. Rickly was elected

Treasurer of the Society and was re-elected to that office at each suc-

ceeding annual meeting, and held the office at the time of his death. At

the annual meeting of February 20, 1894, Mr. Rickly was elected a

trustee, which office he also continued to retain until the date of his

decease. Probably no one man, unless it be General Brinkerhoff, was

more potent in the origin of the society and in its continuation than

was Mr. Rickly. The Society was one of the favorite subjects of Mr.