Ohio History Journal

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If after a lapse of twenty-three centuries the world still

looks with respectful emotion on the mound which protects the

dust of that phalanx of Spartan heroes who fought and fell at

Thermopylae while resisting the tide of Persian invasion and in

rescuing the land of popu-

lar liberty, of letters, and

arts from  a ruthless foe,

surely no apology is need-

ed for claiming an hour's

thoughtful consideration of

the life, character and ser-

vices of our young and

brilliant American soldier,

Gen. George A. Custer.

On the fifth day of

December, 1839, in the ob-

scure village of New Rum-

ley, Ohio, Geo. A. Custer

was born.    His parents

had neither fortune nor

fame to bestow upon their

son; these were left for

him to achieve for himself.

Whatever the future had in store for him he had to secure by

his own genius and efforts.

My first remembrance of him goes back more than fifty

years ago. Then we were country lads and school fellows to-

gether, surrounded with the pleasures and contending with the

trials in that narrow sphere of life. By his pleasing disposition

and behavior Custer exhibited thus early in life some of the

peculiar traits of character which later developed into and made