Ohio History Journal

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36 Ohio

36       Ohio. Arch. and Hist. Society Publications.


This state was the thoroughfare for all the races and all the

people in their struggle to reach the west. Its foundations were

laid by the very best brains of this country, when that great Amer-

ican stream of settlers founded this composite Ohio.

Wherever you look you will find the Ohio man; and as long

as we have The Ohio Archaeological and Historical Society to per-

petuate the greatness of the Ohioan, and mark the places where

they have accomplished their great acts, Ohio will live long in

the history of the country.




When the century old was dying

And the new was waking to birth,

When the shortening days were flying

Like the shadows across the earth;

When the speeding months were a-shiver

In the fall of the fading year,

To the banks of the bonny river

Came the hardy pioneer.


No castle secure and massy,

No orchard or field of grain,

No meadowland smooth and grassy

Found he in his vast domain;

For the earth in its pristine glory

Knew naught of the tiller's ban-

And the solitude lisped the story

Of a land unspoiled by man.


But the woods were his for the asking,

And the streams at his door, and the fish -

While the game on the hillsides basking

Was the fruitful fact of his wish.

And the nuts, in a fit of vagrance,

Dropped into his waiting hand -

And the fall flow'rs shed their fragrance

Over all the bounteous land.