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404 Ohio Arch

404         Ohio Arch. and Hist. Society Publications.


ory of a mind equipped with rare accomplishments and of a char-

acter whose influence could not cease with his demise.


"Yes, the grave hath quenched that eye, and

Death's relentless frost,

Withered that arm: but the unfading fame

*       * *   the remembrance

With which the happy spirit contemplates

Its well-spent pilgrimage on earth,

Shall never pass away."







Written by Prof. George C. S. Southworth and read at the celebration

at Kenyon College, 26th April, 1906, in memory of her distinguished

son, Edwin McMasters Stanton.



Statesman and Jurist, entered into rest

What time our grand Republic loosed her helm

After the toils of war! Among the blest

None shines more radiant in the heavenly realm

Than he, whose name our laureate honors overwhelm.

STANTON, the patient, fiery, masterful and bold,

Persistent, wielding freedom's sword of flame,

Man cast in the Arthurian, knightly mold

Whose blazon vibrates from the trump of fame

Down the resounding avenues of time the same.

As some fair star ascends the arch of night,

While round the pole the constellations wheel,

His good report mounts brighter and more bright,

Resplendent in the galaxy of commonweal:

Beside his tomb a reverent people kneel.



His perfect courage in that hour awoke

When craven counsels paralyzed the arm

* See article on Edwin M. Stanton by Andrew Carnegie, page 291