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A Buckeye Home Coming 503

A  Buckeye Home Coming                      503








[This poem was written to be sung at the Home Coming of the

Buckeyes at Columbus Ohio, September 2-6, 1907.]


My native state, Ohio

Once more thy sward I tread,

Once more my eyes behold thy skies

Of azure overspread.

I breathe again thy buoyant air

I taste thy waters cool,

And feel the joy of growing boy

By the old swimming pool.


I've wandered in the Westlands,

And East I've chanced to roam,

But never yet could ere forget

Ohio as my home.

I loved its meadows, peaceful streams,

The vine-clad cottage low

Where first the light broke on my sight

In time so long ago.


With clasp again of friendly hands,

And heart-to-heart commune,

Dull cares take wing while memories bring

Aback life's time of June,

When golden goals rose fair to view

And high hopes burned sublime,

When Love was young, and all unsung

The vicissitudes of time.


Who would not be a Buckeye

And proud with Buckeye stand

To own the great Ohio state,

The fairest in the land?

Come, raise a carol to her praise,

The grand old chorus swell:-

Our prayer shall be, fair state with thee

Heaven's peace may ever dwell.