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The ninth annual meeting of the Richland County Historical Society

was held in Mansfield, Wednesday, June 26, 1907. Preliminary to the

business session, a procession was formed in front of the Soldiers' and

Sailors' Memorial building and marched to the court house lawn, where

a short patriotic service was held at the Block-house, from the flag

staff of which a beautiful flag floated gracefully in the breeze.

The meeting was called to order by Gen. R. Brinkerhoff, president

of the Historical society, and prayer was offered by the Rev. J. Craw-

ford, a kinsman of the lamented Colonel Crawford.    Deputy Sheriff

Sheridan Carroll sang the "Star Spangled Banner," the audience joining

in the chorus. Col. H. R. McCalmont recited James Whitcomb Riley's

apostrophe to "Old Glory." Mrs. Kate Brownlee Sherwood, wife of Gen.

I. R. Sherwood, was present and was introduced to the audience. She

made a few remarks which were well received. Photographic views were

taken of the assemblage. A squad of soldiers from Company M of the

Eighth regiment was present and fired a three-volley salute in honor

of the American flag. After which the company dispersed and returned

to the Memorial building. The march to and from the Block-house was

led by Barney Pulver's drum corps, and the parade was in charge of

A. J. Baughman, secretary of the Historical society. The members of

the G. A. R. were out in full force. A large number of citizens were

also in the parade. Speakers and other guests of honor were in carriages.

Following the Block-house exercises, the regular meeting of the historical

society was held in the G. A. R. rooms, Memorial building, General R.

Brinkerhoff, presiding.

General Brinkerhoff said in his address of welcome:

"To-day we hold the ninth annual meeting of The Richland County

Historical Society, and it is again my pleasant duty as its president to

extend a cordial welcome to all who have honored us with their presence.

"This society, as has been heretofore stated, is not a pioneer asso-

ciation for the very good reason that the pioneers of this country have

all passed away. Of course we are glad to receive and preserve any

new information in regard to the pioneers, together with all later and

current events, which is our main business.