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[The following article clears up the disputed question concerning the

birthplace of John Brough, one of Ohio's famous war governors. It also

presents many interesting events in the life of the governor. Mr. Edgar

Ervin, the writer, is the present member of the Ohio House of Repre-

sentatives from Meigs county. Mr. Ervin was educated in the country

schools, subsequently receiving special training for public life in the

Capitol School of Oratory (Columbus), Lakeside Summer School, King's

School of Oratory (Pittsburg), and the College of Law, Ohio State

University. He was admitted to the bar by the Supreme Court of Ohio

in June, 1906, while serving as a member of the 77th General Assembly.


The wrecking of the old jail just opposite the Court House

in Marietta, brings to mind several historic facts of no mean

importance. This building was a little more than fifty years old,

having been erected in 1848 on the

site of the pioneer Court House

which was the first Hall of Justice

in the Northwest Territory. The

building  was forty-five  feet in

length, thirty-nine feet in breadth

and two stories high. The walls

were three feet thick and were made

of double tiers of yellow poplar logs.

The front room in the upper story

was the court room. It was 40 by

30 feet and lighted by seven win-

dows. The two lower rooms were

occupied by the jailor and his fam-

ily. The jail was in the rear part of

the building, which was very strongly built and from which, it is

stated, no prisoner ever escaped. The jury room was in the

rear of the second story over the jail. A cupola surmounted the

roof in which was hung the same bell that was hung in the