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"The evil that men do lives after them;

The good is oft interred with their bones."


May it not be thus with Arthur St. Clair but rather may this

monument long stand as a fitting tribute of respect to his memory. May

the broken granite boulders typify the strength and rugged virtues of that

stalwart patriot and his faithful followers and may this bronze tablet fit-

tingly recall the advancement of the western frontier to this place.

Mr. President, on behalf of the Committee on Construction, I now

tender this beautiful and appropriate memorial to the Greenville Historical

Society to be disposed of at its pleasure.





We have met to-day in the golden month of October to unveil a

monument erected to the memory of the brave pioneers who built here

a fort in the wilderness, one hundred and sixteen years ago. As in this

month the latest crops are gathered, so ought we to realize that we are

reaping the fruits of the labors of the pioneers.

Monuments not only contribute to our civilization, they mark its

progress and degree. They keep green the memory of patriotic services.

The members of the Greenville Historical Society after placing a me-

morial boulder in Greenville, were of the opinion that the most important

work to be done was the erection of a memorial at this place. Fort Jef-

ferson is the oldest historic spot in this county and we are glad to state

that we have had no difficulty in securing the co-operation of the citizens

of this village.

We all realize that great credit is due to Messrs. Patty and Coppock

for their unselfish action in deeding these two lots to the Trustees of

Neave Township for park purposes.

This is also an appropriate time to acknowledge the aid and co-

operation on the part of the residents of this place.

In presenting this monument to the public in behalf of the donors

we express the hope that it will be a reminder to us and to those who

come after us, of our indebtedness to the brave soldiers and pioneers who

opened this country to civilization ! May it increase our love for this, our

country, which extends its protection over all of us.





This fort was built, not for the protection of the white settlers in

its immediate vicinity, for there were none there at that time. Then

the howl of the wolf, the scream of the panther or the whoop of the