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Archaeological and Historical








[We herewith reproduce, with permission, from the September-

October (1908) bi-monthly number of "The Records of the Past," pub-

lished at Washington, D. C., an article by the Editor of that publication,

George Frederick Wright, the distinguished

traveler, scholar and author, professor of

harmony of sciences and religion, Oberlin

College, Ohio, and now President of the

Ohio State Archaeological and Historical

Society. The discovery of this new serpent

mound, or rather the publication of the

knowledge of its existence, is a matter

which should be of great importance and

intense interest not only to the Ohio stu-

dents of archaeology but to the scholars

in that department throughout this country

and indeed the world. It is hoped that

such portions of this mound as still exist

may be preserved intact and that the land

upon which it is located may be secured

by the state society and that the portions

of the serpent mutilated or nearly ob-

literated may be restored. We are indebted

to Dr. C. L. Metz, Madisonville, Ohio, not only for the first informa-

tion concerning this mound, but also for much material concerning

its original form and for the survey and drawing made by him in 1892,

which drawing is herewith reproduced. - Editor.]

The Serpent Mound in Adams County, Ohio, of which a

full account was given in Records of the Past for April, 1906,

Vol. XVIII-1.              1