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464 Ohio Arch

464        Ohio Arch. and Hist. Society Publications.


Honorary members-persons of note in the local historical field; (4)

Corresponding members--persons not residing in the Ohio Valley, but

interested in the work of this Association. All members, including so-

cieties, shall be elected at the regular meeting of the Association upon

recommendations of the Executive Committee.

4. The officers of the Association shall consist of a president, four

Vice Presidents, a Recording Secretary and Curator, a Corresponding

Secretary and Treasurer, and an Executive Committee consisting of the

foregoing officers, the ex-Presidents of the Association, and four other

members elected by the Association. These officers shall be elected by

ballot at each regular annual meeting of the Association, and shall have

charge of its general interests with power to appoint all necessary sub-


5. One regular meeting of the Association shall be held each year

at a time and place to be determined by the Executive Committee. This

Committee shall likewise determine the character of said meeting.

6. The annual dues of the Association shall be one dollar for

each individual member, and five dollars for each of the affiliated or-

ganizations, which sum shall entitle it to two representatives. A society

may increase its representation to seven by paying one dollar for each

additional representative.  Honorary and Corresponding members pay

no dues. In addition to the annual dues the Executive Committee may

authorize the raising of such additional funds as may be required.

7. The Executive Committee shall adopt such rules and by-laws

for its own conduct as are not inconsistent with this Constitution.

8. This Constitution may be amended by any annual meeting, notice

of such amendment having been given at the previous annual meeting,

or the proposed amendment having received the approval of the Execu-

tive Committee.





American Archaeological Institute, Ohio Chapter, Cincinnati, O.

American Book Company, Cincinnati, O.

Ames, F. P., Rockland, O.

Avery, Elroy M., 2831 Woodhill Road, S. E., Cleveland, O.

Baird, Chambers, Ripley, O.

Baird, Lucy (Miss), 927 Cherokee Road, Louisville, Ky.

*Baker, Mrs. Charles W., Reading Road, Cincinnati, O.

Baker, Phoebe S. (Miss), 1887 Madison Road, Cincinnati, O.

Bettinger, Albert, Atlas Bank Bldg., Cincinnati, O.

* Deceased.