Ohio History Journal

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On Thursday, June 30th, the Trustees of the Ohio State Archaeo-

logical and Historical Society held a regular meeting at the residence of

Colonel Webb C. Hayes, Spiegel Grove, Fremont, Ohio. It was a most

interesting and memorable occasion. Col-

onel Hayes had invited the Trustees to

be his guests the day named above and

day before, and on Wednesday noon, the

the 29th, several of the Trustees, upon

their arrival at Bellevue, enroute to Fre-

mont, were met by Colonel Hayes, Sen-

ator T. A. Dean and other prominent

citizens of Fremont, also a delegation

of the Daughters of the American Revo-

lution, viz: Mrs. C. R. Truesdall, State

Regent, D. A. R.; Mrs. John T. Mack,

Committee Chairman State Historic sites,

D. A. R.; Mrs. L. A. Dickinson, Regent

George Croghan Chapter, D. A. R.; Mrs.

F. H. Dorr, Mrs. S. Brinkerhoff, Mrs.

A. Little, Mrs. H. G. Edgerton, Mrs. B.

Dudrow, Mrs. Otto Davis, Mrs. C. R.

Lester (Detroit), Miss Julia Haynes and

Miss Lucy E. Keeler-all members of G. A. R. Hon. J. C. Wonders, Chief

of the Ohio State Highway Commission, was also the guest of Colonel

Hayes. The entire party were comfortably bestowed in automobiles and

whisked over the country roads, to the site of Fort Seneca, within the

present precincts of the village of Old Fort, romantically located on the

banks of the Sandusky River. Here the party traced the lines of the old

fort, under the guidance of some of the elder inhabitants, one a genial

well-preserved gentlemen, upwards of four score years of age, Mr. Hiram

Risden, "born and raised on the spot," and who as a boy saw the fort

picket walls and blockhouse defenses still standing. Mr. Risden's father

-Joel Risden-located here, coming from Vermont in 1810. This was