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[On Saturday, September 10, 1910, the anniversary of Perry's

Victory on Lake Erie, 1813, two of the most important historical sites

on the route of the Harrison Trail through Sandusky County were

marked with bronze tablets and appropriate unveiling exercises by the

ladies of the Colonel George Croghan Chapter, Daughters of the Ameri-

can Revolution. We publish the report of the proceedings as appeared

in The Fremont Daily News-EDITOR.]

The two sites recognized in the anniversary proceedings were

those of Ball's battlefield, near the resience of Birchard Hav-

ens in Ballville, and the rock known as the Harrison mess table,

located on the crossroad about six miles from Fremont, south of

the Greensburg pike, near the residences of Hugh Havens and

Webb C. Smith.

The exercises Saturday were not only a tribute to the

heroes of nearly a century ago, but also commemorated Perry's

victory, which occurred September 10, 1813.

The tablets are of bronze, about two feet in length and a

foot wide, and bear the following inscriptions:

"General Harrison's mess table on the Indian trail leading

from the headquarters of Major General Harrison at Ft. Seneca

on the Sandusky river to Ft. Meigs on the Maumee river. War

of 1812. Erected by Colonel George Croghan chapter, Daugh-

ters of the American Revolution."

"Ball's Battlefield, Major Ball's squadron 2nd Light Dra-

goons U. S. army while escorting Col. Wells' 71th U. S. infantry

from Major General Harrison's headquarters at Fort Seneca to

relieve Major Croghan of the command of Ft. Stephenson for

alleged insubordination in refusing to evacuate the fort, was

ambushed by Indians near this spot, but gallantly charging them,

killed seventeen with the sabre, 30th July, 1813.  Erected by

Col. Geo. Croghan chapter, D. A. R."